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Operational Excellence: E-Commerce Monthly Discount Campaigns & Logistics Companies Delivery Spike

Monthly Discount Campaign is a well-known event in Indonesia’s e-commerce. Most of Indonesia’s e-commerce companies have monthly discounts. Additionally, discount campaigns are also held on public holidays. Logistics companies play an important role in supporting sales among e-commerce and SME shops by ensuring safe and error-free product delivery to customers.


Monthly campaigns last 1-2 weeks each month, during which the number of parcel deliveries sees a sharp increase. With this spike, logistics companies need to provide their best service for e-commerce clients; making certain that throughout this critical discount period, parcels are delivered on schedule and products will arrive intact/undamaged at customers’ hands.


This research will provide a better understanding of how logistic company can tackle the fulfillment of the required number of workers and the productivity of those workers.


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